Josh Pitzalis

Hey, I’m Josh.

I write about how to market the important work you do without being an asshole.

I've had a messy relationship with marketing. It's always felt icky. But it's also essential. I’ve never been comfortable with where I stand on self-promotion.

I believe predatory marketing practices are responsible for so much that is wrong with the world today. Marketers are the frontline of this warped capitalist system commodifying our world.

There is nothing more important in life than consumption. To be a good citizen you must be a good consumer. This is the moral of every story told today. On every screen. On constant repeat.

All those messages we receive every day could just as easily be telling us how much potential we have. How much agency we all have. Rather than telling us how incomplete and pathetic we are.

As modern-day myth-makers, marketers are also in the best position to do something about the mess we're in. It is our responsibility to tell more meaningful stories.

And I'm learning how to.

Here's what I'm up to at the moment.