Josh Pitzalis

Writing to one person

I'm working on the landing page for a workshop that I'm putting together for business.

This is an initial draft of the workshop that I put together.

I've gone through a few iterations now and finally have something I'm comfortable showing to the world.

The biggest difference between the first version and the version I have now is that in the middle I sat down and rewrote what I was trying to say as an email to one specific person.

The goal was to reframe everything as a letter to a friend I know well.

I started by addressing how they already feel about what I had to say.

Then I go on to what they already know about what I have to say.

Then I cover what they want.

Feel > Knows > Wants.

This gave me a more down-to-earth sequence of ideas for one person. It's hard to move away from saying generic stuff to all people and tune into a persuasive narrative for one person, in a specific place in their life, with a clear level of awareness and set expectations.

Then I can take that persuasive narrative and turn it into a more compelling landing page.

Learned this exercise from the 10X landing pages course from Copyhackers.

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