Josh Pitzalis

Learn from other people's mistakes

“LinkedIn is like corporate TikTok.”

Someone used this to launch a new LinkedIn content creation tool they’d built.

The tweet originally belonged to Amanda Natividad. She wasn’t impressed.


Then she went on LinkedIn and called him out again.



Technically the product wasn’t a rip-off because the team behind Tweethunter was part of the project.

Tweethunter itself promises you more followers by drawing inspiration from other people’s best-performing tweets. They don’t encourage you to rip off other people’s content but the line is blurry. Evidently.

This was all an unfortunate mess for their new product launch because Amanda commands a lot of respect in the community.

As someone who owns a competing product, I’m certainly not pointing any fingers. I have immense respect for the Tweethunter team, but there's definitely a lesson to learn here.

Learning from other people’s mistakes is important. It’s much faster and far less painful than learning from your own experience.

Alexander the Great avoided the mistakes of Achilles, Caesar avoided those of Alexander.

No one will ever be able to tell us exactly what we need to do. At best, people can tell us what worked for them.

But we can use history, study our competition, and emulate the greats so that we only make new mistakes.

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