Josh Pitzalis

Two types of marketing

There are two genealogies of advertising.

There's the direct response lineage, and there's the brand lineage.

The direct response lineage started with clip-this-coupon. Then it became dial-this-800-number. And now it has become click-here-now.

Then there's the brand lineage, which is not about getting someone to do something immediately but getting someone to become familiar with and appreciate certain products and brands. That's the lineage that all the brands of our age have been built on.

So when online advertising came in, who knew what it was going to be? Was it going to be part of the direct response lineage? Buy-this-now? Or was it going to be the brand-building lineage of Coke and Pepsi and McDonald's and Nike?

It turned out to be the direct response lineage because of the supposed benefits of tracking and personalized one-to-one advertising.

And that's the way it has evolved so far.


This was a snippet from Bob Hoffman in a conversation on The Business of Story podcast.