Josh Pitzalis

Got my first guest post published

Got my first backlink today from a guest post today.

Managed to get an article about repurposing blog content as Twitter threads featured on a DA 43 website for virtual assistants in the US.

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content as Twitter Threads with a Virtual Assistant

They didn't include the images that I added to the post, and the formatting is a bit off. I'll follow up and see if they can fix that, but I don't want to be pushy.

I ended up sending the outreach email to 27 VA companies to get this published.

41% open rate, 19% reply rate. I'm very pleased with that.

The piece actually got accepted by another blog with higher DA. We agreed on an angle, I sent them an outline for the piece, they signed off on it, then I hired a writer, and then they pulled out after I hired the writer. Apparently, there was some "misunderstanding".

In the end, I had to rewrite a whole section for the new website. I'm just glad I managed to get it published.

I don't know if there is necessarily a lesson here. I don't know what I would have done differently. I was a little bit more cautious on the second opportunity.

The lesson here was more about how I found each opportunity. In the first instance, I used Ahref's content explorer to get a massive list of blog posts that contained the keyword "Twitter marketing'.

Then I went through each website one by one collecting contact information and seeing if it would make sense to pitch them a guest post. These websites were all over the place. There were news websites, software tools, marketing blogs, church websites, and of course, Virtual assistant agencies. I was trying to come up with a good reason to reach out to each prospect. The process was incredibly slow.

When the first guest post opportunity pulled out of the agreement, the article was almost written. I had to find competitors that the piece would be relevant to.

Ahref's makes it easy to find competitor websites, so the whole process was much faster the second time around. The outreach email was already written, so instead of trying to find a plausible reason to reach out to each prospect on the list, I was checking the list to make sure the site was a VA agency. This was a much easier task to perform and thus outsource. I'm pretty sure the narrow focus and high relevancy are why I got such a high open and success rate.

The website for the second guest post opportunity was such a pleasure to work with, they were kind, quick to respond, and published the piece right away.

I think I will change my approach to link prospecting in the wake of this experience. Start with a well-thought-out and considerate pitch for one business. Then branch out to lots of similar businesses if the idea gets rejected.

Starting a single business, as opposed to a list of business, make the whole process feel less spammy and more thoughtful.


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