Josh Pitzalis

Just famous enough that people want to take your call

If your product is famous, you have so much leverage against other products in your category.

Along with fame comes all the trappings.

People feel comfortable with products when they're famous.

People feel like they can trust products that are famous.

Most people don't realize it or think in those terms, but it's how they behave.

The same is true of people. If someone calls you up and wants to have lunch with you, you ignore them. When someone famous calls you up, you're going to take the call, and you're going to have lunch with them.

Being famous is an amazing advantage to have.

Heard this in a conversation between Bob Hoffman and Park Howell on The Business of Story podcast and I'm inclined to agree.

Not so famous that you start getting noticed on the street or have paparazzi follow you around with cameras. What a nightmare that would be.

Just famous enough that people want to take your call.