Josh Pitzalis

People don't set out to make crappy films

The problem is that storytelling is way, way, way harder than people think it is.

That's why most books do not become bestsellers. The stories aren't as good as the authors think they are. And that's the trouble with business storytelling, is that the stories are usually either self-serving, or boring, or uninteresting.

Maybe 3 out of 100 are stories that average people are interested in. Left to their own devices, people tell stories that nobody gives a shit about except themselves.

So the question isn't, is storytelling good or not? The question is, how do you tell good stories? How do you make stories that real people are actually interested in?

That's the hard part.

So much music is crappy. So many books are crappy. Most films are crap.

People don't set out to make crappy films or write crappy TV shows, it's just very, very hard to make good ones.

Thinking that you're going to be successful just because you're telling a story is deluding yourself.

You have to have a real story and it has to be interesting to real people.

That's the important part.


This was a snippet from Bob Hoffman in a conversation on The Business of Story podcast.