Josh Pitzalis

Blending in is better than standing out

When we promote stuff our natural tendency is to stand out.

When it comes to copywriting it's more effective to blend in to the conversation already happening in someone else's head.

In the sciences, a resonant frequency is when one system's frequency matches the natural frequency of a second, thus amplifying the second.

An easy example is pushing someone on a swing. Push at the right moment and you match the natural frequency, to move things forward. Push at the wrong moment and you barely add any momentum or miss completely.

Messages that resonate match people's natural frequency and then push at just the right moment.

In copywriting, there is no good or bad copy there is only effective or ineffective copy.

Rather than trying to stand out and making noise about all the things your product can do, for your message to resonate, you have to know what somebody wants, understand what they already think and feel, match it, and give them a gentle push in the right direction.


Found this in a wicked episode of Jay Acunzo's podcast with Margo Aaron this morning.

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